Child leaving at home


How to look after for a newborn - every parent cares. Responsible medic awares a newborn needs permanent leaving. Particular attention should be given to ration and feed. A lot of problems which concern to any mum - how to disaccustom the child drink at night . Issues however to wean the baby from the pacifier  is highly influential. Sometimes thefather and mom have not enough skills and knowledge as to wean child from swaddling . Often very influential time to take leaving of a baby. Is your newborn still may not take leaving of himself and therefore is needs of care father and mother. Thoroughly wash a newborn 2 times a day.

How to feed a month old

In gruel, can be added cut into slices watermelon.

The more water the child tea, juice, compote of strawberries.

Amount of meals can be 130-190 grams. At a first breakfast, a baby is better to propose gruel.

How to wean from the nipple

If a baby is sucking a soothers and will not return it to parents, when parents ask, do then:

Steadily but gradually reduced time of time when a newborn is permitted sucking the pacifier.

Invite a baby to gift the soothers a man baby likes, as a parents.

Show baby to the older baby - that do not the nipple.

Promote the child for refusing suck

Install conditions then it is possible sucking a soothers - during the illness then parent must be firm.

Play with your baby, donate stickers.

Newborn often want to be older people and imitate older parent.

Never give the pacifiers candy.

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