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Special attention should be paid to child hygiene. Following a birth of the newborn requires particular maintenance. How to look for a child - each doctor cares. A lot of problems that worry to modern parent - as to wean a child sucking tongue . Thinks how to disaccustom a newborn from a habit  is highly influential. Often thefather and mum lack the information and skills however to wean a newborn from thumb . At times extremely influential time to take leaving of a baby. Is your baby still can not take maintenance of himself therefore is needs of care mother. Every doctor knows that a newborn needs daily leaving. Thoroughly wash your newborn in a evening.

What to feed a baby 6 months

Add a gruel a piece of the butter, about 5 g.

Gruel semolina,oatmeal, millet - this is the best morning breakfast for child

The best useful of gruel - oatmeal,wheat,grits. For satisfying breakfast, the baby is correct to propose gruel.

As to disaccustom from the soother

In a event that a child is sucking a pacifiers and do not want give it to parents, when parent said, try the following:

Point out to a other newborn - they not to suck.

Play with it further, donate small toys.

Ask a child to give his soothers a people baby knows, for example to a parents.

A child often mimics other older baby.

Install conditions then it is possible sucking a soother - during the illness and be steadfast. Carefully but persistently declining time of time when a baby is allowed sucking.

Never propose the pacifier confection.

Promote a baby for refusal of suck

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