Child care at home


Carefully wash a newborn 2 times per day. Particular attention needs be given to schedule for and nursing. Normal mom awares that the newborn needs special maintenance. There are many issues which worry to each mother and father - how to disaccustom a newborn drink at night . Questions as to wean child from swaddling  is very significant. At times aparent have not enough knowledge and skills however to wean child from bottle . Often very important time to take maintenance of a baby. Is your child still can not take leaving of himself and therefore is needs of leaving parent. Immediately of the birth of the child require mum maintenance other.

As to wean from sucking

If a baby is sucking the pacifier and do not want back it to parents, when parent ask, do then:

Do not let the soothers candy.

Set a conditions under which baby may sucking a soothers - baby is sick and be strong.

Foster your child for refusing suck

Point out to a older baby - they not to sucking. Slowly but persistently reduced period of time when a baby is allowed sucking the nipple.

Play with in addition, give stickers.

Invite a child to gift his soother a man newborn likes, for example to a parent.

The baby often mimics other child.

  What to feed a child 4 months

Amount of meals should be 150-200 g.

Porridge semolina,millet, rice - this is best satisfying breakfast for newborn

A best useful of gruel - semolina,rice,millet.

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