Feeding and caring for a child


The best decision to feed the baby thoracal milk. There are many problems that concern to any parent - however to wean a child from a nipples . Issues as to wean a baby from feeding is highly influential. Often afather and mother have not enough information and skills wean a newborn from thumb-sucking . Occasionally very significant time to take care of a baby. Is your child still can not take care of himself why is needs of leaving parent. Every medic knows that a newborn needs every day care.

However to wean off sucking

In a event that the baby is sucking a nipple and do not want give it to mum and father, if father and mom try, do then:

Encourage a child for refusing suck

Play with in addition, give stickers. Persistently reduced time of period when a newborn is allowed sucking.

Install conditions then it is possible to suck a pacifiers - at dream then father and mother must be strong.

The child often mimics other older parent.

Ask a baby to gift the soother a man he likes, such as a mother and father.

Do not let the pacifiers candy.

Show newborn to a other newborn - they do not sucking.

What to nourish a child years

In gruel, you may add sliced melon.

Gruel wheat,rice, semolina - this is best early breakfast for newborn

The best helpful of porridge - grits,wheat,corn.

The more water a baby watter, juice, infusion of melon.

For the early breakfast child may propose 0.5 of egg yolk.

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