Newborn maintenance at night


A lot of thinks that concern to any mom - as to wean a newborn from thumb . Problem how to disaccustom a baby waking up at night  is extremely influential. At times amum and father have not enough information and skills how to disaccustom the newborn from the pacifier . Sometimes very significant time to take maintenance of a newborn. Is your baby still can not take maintenance of themselves so is needs of maintenance parent. How to care for a child - modern parent cares. Every mum awares that a newborn needs permanent care. Careful note should be paid to ration and nursing. Particular attention should be given to child hygiene.

What to feed a newborn years

Gruel semolina,millet, rice - this is the best right breakfast for baby

A best helpful of porridge - semolina,oatmeal,wheat. At the first breakfast, a newborn is correct to propose porridge.

Add a gruel a piece of butter, some 3 grams.

How to wean off suck

In a case that a child is sucking a nipple and will not give it to parent, if parent ask, do so:

Show baby to the older child - they not to sucking. Persistently reduced period of time when a newborn is permitted sucking.

Never let the pacifier candy.

Ask a child to gift the soothers a people he likes, for example to a grandparent.

Promote your newborn for refusing sucking

Set the regulations then it is possible to suck a pacifier - before dream then mum must be firm.

Baby always want to be parent and imitate older newborn.

Play with it further, give stickers.

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