Newborn maintenance and before I


Careful note should be given a child's food. Particular note needs be given to schedule for and feeding. The best decision to feed the baby breastmilk. A lot of problems of worry to modern father and mother - as to wean the child to touch. Problem however to disaccustom the baby from a pacifier  is highly serious. Occasionally amom and father lack a knowledge and skills as to disaccustom a newborn to eat at night . Often highly influential time to take maintenance of a child. Is your baby still may not take leaving of themselves so is needs of leaving mum. Thoroughly wash your child in the evening. Solicitous parent awares that a newborn requires special leaving. After the birth of the child needs leaving.

However to feed a month old

At early breakfast, the newborn is correct to propose gruel.

Quantity of porridge may be 110-190 g.

As to wean from a nipple

In a case that a baby suck a soothers and will not back it to parent, when parents try, do then:

Promote the baby for refusing suck

Play with in addition, give small toys.

Set the regulations then baby may sucking a soother - at bedtime and be strong.

Invite a baby to gift a pacifier a man newborn knows, as a parent.

Point out to the older child - that do not the soothers. Gradually but persistently shrinking period of time when a baby is permitted sucking.

Never give the nipple candy.

The child often mimics other older parent.

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