Leaving for infants and children


Wash your child in a morning. Normal doctor awares that the newborn requires special leaving. There are many thinks of concern to each mom - however to wean a baby waking up at night . Issues however to disaccustom a child drink at night  is very serious. Often thefather and mother have not enough skills and information as a child weaned from milk . Often highly influential time to take care of a newborn. Is your newborn still can not take leaving of himself why in need of maintenance parent. Immediately after birth of the newborn requires maintenance. Special note requires be paid to diet and nursing.

How to nourish a baby years

Add a porridge a cutoff of natural butter, size 3 g. For satisfying breakfast, the child is correct to offer porridge.

For right breakfast child can offer 0.5 of fresh egg.

Gruel buckwheat,grits, oatmeal - this is best satisfying breakfast for newborn

The most helpful of porridge - semolina,millet,oatmeal.

In gruel, you may add cut into slices raspberries.

How to disaccustom from suck

In the case that a baby is sucking the pacifier and do not want return it to mum, when parent try, try a following:

Point out to a other newborn - they not to sucking.

Do not let the nipple candy. Gradually but steadily reduced span of period when a newborn is permitted to suck the nipple.

Install conditions under which baby may to suck a soothers - during a illness and be strong.

Entertain with in addition, donate stickers.

Invite a baby to gift the soother a man baby knows, as a mom and father.

Promote your newborn for refusing sucking

Baby often want to be older people and imitate older parents.

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