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Normal mum understands that newborn needs every day care. Of the a birth of a newborn require parent maintenance other. Particular note should be given to newborn hygiene. Best solution to feed the child breastmilk. There are many problems which worry to responsible father and mother - however to wean a baby from diapers. Thinks as to disaccustom a newborn from a hands of  is very important. Sometimes amum and father lack a information and skills as to wean a child . At times highly significant time to take leaving of a child. Is your child still can not take maintenance of themselves therefore in need of leaving parents. Careful note should be paid to food and feeding.

How to disaccustom off suck

In a event that a baby suck a soothers and will not return it to parents, when parent said, do then:

Entertain with in addition, donate stickers. Carefully but persistently declining span of time when a child is allowed sucking.

Set the regulations then it is possible sucking a pacifier - before dream and be strong.

Invite a baby to give his soother a man child likes, for example to a parent.

Baby often want to be older people and imitate parent.

Show child to the older baby - that do not suck.

Promote the child for refusing suck

Never propose a soother sweet.

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