Care for newborns


Wash your newborn 3 times daily. Particular attention should be given a newborn's food. A lot of problems of concern to modern parent - as to wean a newborn from a pacifier . Issues wean a child from thumb-sucking  is highly significant. Occasionally themom have not enough skills and knowledge as to disaccustom child from bottle . Sometimes very important time to take maintenance of a newborn. Is your child still may not take maintenance of themselves therefore in need of care mum and father.

However to disaccustom from suck

If the newborn is sucking a nipple and do not want return it to mom and father, when parent try, try a following:

Steadily but slowly shrinking time of period when a newborn is permitted to suck a soothers.

Do not let a nipple confection.

Entertain with your baby, give small toys.

Install conditions under which baby may sucking a soothers - newborn is sick then parent must be firm.

Show newborn to a older newborn - they not to a pacifiers.

Encourage your baby for refusing sucking

Newborn always want to be parents and imitate older older people.

Ask a baby to gift his soothers a man baby likes, as a grandparent.

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