Hygienic leaving of the newborn


Not anything correct to nourish the child with natural milk. There are a lot of questions of concern to every mum and father - however to disaccustom the newborn written at night . Problem how to wean a child cranky  is very influential. Sometimes thefather and mum lack a knowledge and skills as to disaccustom a child from thumb . Often extremely significant time to take care of a baby. Is your newborn still may not take maintenance of himself why in need of care father and mom. Thoroughly wash the newborn in the evening. Modern parent knows that a newborn requires every day maintenance.

Maintenance Tips

In gruel, may be added sliced watermelon.

At a satisfying breakfast baby can offer 1/2 of boiled egg.

However to disaccustom off sucking

If a newborn is sucking a pacifier and will not give it to mother, when parent ask, do so:

Do not let a nipple candy.

Newborn often need to be parents and imitate baby.

Set the regulations under which newborn can sucking a pacifiers - child is sick and be steadfast.

Promote your newborn for refusing sucking

Invite a child to give a pacifier a man he likes, for example to a mum.

Play with it further, donate stickers. Carefully but slowly shrinking span of period when a baby is allowed sucking the nipple.

Show newborn to a older newborn - that not to suck.

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