Maintenance for a child and baby


Not any better to feed a newborn breastfeeding. A lot of thinks of concern to normal mum - however to wean the newborn suck his thumb. Questions however to wean the newborn from sickness is extremely important. Sometimes themother have not enough information and skills as to disaccustom a child from the hands of . Occasionally highly important time to take leaving of a newborn. Is your newborn still may not take care of themselves and so is needs of care mother and father. Special note should be paid a baby's ration. Special note should be given to ration and nursing. Immediately after birth of a newborn requires particular leaving.

What to feed a newborn 9 months

For the morning breakfast, the newborn is better to propose porridge.

In porridge, you may add sliced strawberries.

The more water a child watter, juice, compote of plum.

Porridge grits,rice, wheat - this is the best early breakfast for child

The most useful of gruel - grits,rice,millet.

Add the gruel a a small piece of butter, around 7 grams.

At a reasonable breakfast child may offer half of egg yolk.

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