Newborn leaving following circumcision


How to take care for a newborn - solicitous parent cares. Modern doctor knows that a newborn needs permanent maintenance. Thoroughly wash your child in the evening. The best decision to nourish a newborn breastmilk. A lot of problems which worry to modern father and mother - how to wean a newborn from feeding. Thinks how to disaccustom the baby from a nipples  is extremely influential. Sometimes afather and mother have not enough knowledge and skills as to disaccustom a newborn from the swing . At times highly important time to take care of a child. Is your baby still may not take care of himself therefore in need of maintenance mum.

As to disaccustom from suck

If a newborn suck the soothers and do not want give it to father and mom, if parent said, do so:

Baby often want to be parents and imitate older people.

Ask a child to give the pacifier a people child likes, for example to a father and mother. Slowly but steadily shrinking span of period when a child is allowed sucking.

Point out to a other child - that do not the nipple.

Play with the newborn, give stickers.

Never let a nipple candy.

Set a regulations under which baby may to suck a nipple - before dream and be steadfast.

Foster the newborn for refusal of sucking

What to nourish a child with a mixture of

The more water the baby watter, breeding juice, infusion of fruit.

Add the porridge a a small piece of cow butter, about the size of 5 grams.

Number of porridge may be 110-180 g.

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