Newborn maintenance 1st month


How do I care for a child - normal doctor cares. Particular attention should be given to child hygiene. Best decision to feed a newborn breastmilk. A lot of thinks which concern to solicitous mother - as to disaccustom a newborn from the swing . Problem as to wean a baby from a habit  is highly influential. Occasionally aparent lack a skills and information how to wean newborn from the breast . At times highly significant time to take leaving of a newborn. Is your child still may not take maintenance of themselves why in need of leaving parent. In a first few days following birth of the newborn needs especially maintenance.

Leaving Tips

At a early breakfast baby may offer half of egg yolk. For satisfying breakfast, a baby is better to propose gruel.

In porridge, can be added cut into slices strawberries.

Add the porridge a reasonable piece of a butter, size 4 grams.

However to wean from the soother

In the event that the child is sucking the nipple and do not want back it to parent, when parent ask, try the following:

Promote a newborn for refusal of suck

Point out to the other child - they not to a soothers.

Play with it further, give gifts.

Ask a newborn to gift the pacifier a people newborn knows, for example to a parent.

Baby always want to be parent and imitate parents. Persistently shrinking span of time when a baby is permitted sucking.

Do not let a pacifiers confection.

Set the conditions then baby can to suck a pacifiers - before bedtime and be strong.

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