Child leaving first hours


Careful note should be given to schedule for and feeding. Any parent awares that newborn requires permanent maintenance. Special attention should be paid a newborn's food. There are a lot of issues of concern to each father and mum - as to wean a child from a habit . Problem quickly disaccustom child from the breast  is extremely significant. At times aparents do not have enough skills and knowledge disaccustom the newborn from night feeding . Occasionally very important time to take leaving of a child. Is your newborn still may not take care of themselves and so in need of leaving mum.

How to nourish a child newborn

For early breakfast child can offer 1/2 of egg.

A more water the baby tea, breeding juice, compote of apples.

Quantity of meals can be 120-190 g.

Gruel semolina,millet, rice - this is best morning breakfast for child

The most useful of porridge - grits,millet,rice.

In porridge, may be added cut into slices raspberries.

As to wean from suck

If a newborn suck a pacifier and will not give it to mum, if mom said, do then:

Entertain with in addition, donate gifts.

Invite a baby to give his nipple a people baby knows, as a grandparent.

Never propose the pacifiers candy.

Newborn often need to be parent and imitate parents. Persistently but slowly shrinking span of period when a baby is allowed sucking.

Set a regulations under which it is possible sucking a pacifier - child is sick then father and mother must be firm.

Show baby to a other newborn - they not to sucking.

Foster your child for refusing sucking

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