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Special note should be paid to child health. Carefully wash a newborn in a evening. A lot of thinks which worry to each parent - how to wean a child . Problem however to wean the newborn to eat at night  is very serious. Often themum lack the information and skills quickly wean newborn from a breast . Occasionally extremely influential time to take leaving of a newborn. Is your baby still may not take maintenance of themselves and so is needs of leaving mother and father. Following a birth of the child require mum maintenance. Responsible parent understands that newborn needs every day leaving.

As to feed a newborn

In porridge, may be added cut into slices strawberries.

A more water a child watter, breeding juice, compote of watermelon. For right breakfast, the newborn is better to offer porridge.

How to disaccustom from sucking

In a event that a newborn is sucking a nipple and do not want back it to mum and father, if mom try, do so:

Point out to the older baby - they do not a soothers.

Ask a newborn to give the soothers a people baby knows, for example to a parent.

Entertain with in addition, give small toys.

Newborn always want to be parents and imitate older baby.

Never give a pacifiers candy. Carefully but slowly declining span of time when a baby is allowed sucking a pacifiers.

Set the conditions under which it is possible to suck a soothers - baby is sick then mother and father must be strong.

Promote your newborn for refusal of sucking

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